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Afam Meaning

What does AFAM mean in the Air Force?

AFAM. Air Force Achievement Medal. Award, Military, Technology. Award, Military, Technology. 4. AFAM. Atomic Force Acoustic Microscopy. Microscopy, Technology, Medical. Microscopy, Technology, Medical.

What is the meaning of the Tagalog word AFAM?

Definition for the Tagalog word afam: afam. [acronym] A Foreign Assigned to Manila (A.F.A.M.); slang term for a foreigner. Root: afam.

What is AFAM at NIST?

AFM at NIST investigates nanoscale elastic properties. (News Briefs) JUST SO WE'RE clear, AFAM stands for Al Frank Asset Management. With this in mind, we should probably be more concerned about the design with which the AFAM is being replaced than with its demolition.

Where does AFAM get its energy?

Afam V1 power plant commenced electricity generation in October 2008, fed by gas from SPDC's new Okoloma gas plant, while oil and gas production from Gbaran-Ubie began in July this year. With AFAM, a value of 67 GPa [+ or -] 7 GPa was obtained for Young's modulus of a 1 mm aluminum film. AFM at NIST investigates nanoscale elastic properties.

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