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Appropriate In Tagalog

What is the best Tagalog word for correct?

The best Tagalog word is wasto (which, as an adjective, generally means ‘correct’, and its verb form means ‘to correct’); and like its English equivalent, it also acts as an adjective and a verb; and again like its English equivalent, when used as a verb, it means something slightly different from what it means as an adjective.

What is the meaning of Pretty in the Philippines?

The word “pretty” also has the meaning of “good, proper, appropriate .” Ang salitang “maganda” ay nangangahulugan din na “mabuti, tumpak, angkop .” The warning of an ancient proverb is thus appropriate: “Anyone inexperienced puts faith in every word, but the shrewd one considers his steps.”

What is the English translation of “nababagay”?

Direct translation is, “nararapat"- which some might consider a bit formal, and a more casual translation is “nababagay", which can be shortened to just “bagay.” Bagay, however, also means Thing, so be careful when you hear it said because its appropriate meaning can only be gleaned from its context.

How to use the word nangangailangan in a sentence?

Ang wastong paggamit ng pondo sa mga lokal na pamahalaan ay nangangailangan ng masinsinan na pagsisiyasat. I hope that other twins that are better known across Europe will excuse our appropriating the name. (Sentence credit due: Íñigo Méndez de Vigo)

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