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Who is celiboy?

I am Celiboy , Player MLBB for Alter Ego Esports from Indonesia! Don't forget to Subscribe to my Channel ! Business Inquiries / Endorse : +62 82121959521(Joly)

What is the celiboy trend?

The Celiboy trend has seen players and personalities do their best to emulate the iconic middle-part and sometimes change their name to include ‘boy’. Some notable entries include local ML streamer AERON who altered his purple undercut and Bren Esports’ FlapTzy who donned the middle-part during a Facebook live stream.

What is celiboy’s hairstyle?

One player that stole the show was Alter Ego’s Celiboy. Other than being one of the best carries hailing from Indonesia, Celiboy sported an amazing middle-part hairstyle that has become synonymous with his name. Posted by Yam on Monday, January 25, 2021

Why is celiboy so popular in the Philippines?

Even after M2 crowned Bren Esports as its champions, Celiboy was still a hot topic in the Philippines. Many female fans were fawning over the hypercarry and his dashing looks, leading to male Filipinos immediately jumping on the Celiboy trend.

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