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What is the meaning of Kulto?

Kulto, which loosely translates to knowledgeable in Spanish, is helmed by Chef-Owner Jose Alonso and the interior of the restaurant takes inspiration from Madrid and Barcelona in a fine-casual setting. The Food The food menu is split into tapas, vegetables, sea, land, paella and sweets.

Is Kulto a good restaurant in Singapore?

Even with the vanilla ice cream. 3/5 Regardless, Kulto is definitely going to one of the new restaurants in Singapore to watch this year, giving other Spanish restaurants like Binomio and Esquina a run for their money! If you are not a dessert person, skip that and go for their croquettes and paella.

Who is behind Kulto?

Born and bred in Rioja, Spain, Head Chef José Alonso helms the kitchen of KULTO. Inspired by his heritage, culture, and philosophy of letting good quality produce speak for themselves, every plate at KULTO steers close to the traditional rendition of the dish and lets the freshness of seasonal produce take centre-stage.

What makes Kulto Madrid’s best restaurant?

At Kulto, the restaurant comes dressed less like a restaurant, and more like a cosy dining space. Wooden shutters, a common sight in Madrid households, flank the walls of the dining space. And central to the entire eatery is a lively open kitchen, where chef-owner José Alonso stands proudly by.

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