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What is the meaning of the word pilandok?

PILANDOK in the literal sense is a Filipino term for mouse-deer, the tragunus nigricans which roam the southwest regions of Palawan islands in the Philippines. In folk literature, Pilandok is a prankster.

What is the scientific name of pilandok?

SCIENTIFIC NAME OF PILANDOK – In this topic, we are going to know and identify the scientific name of pilandok. Also known as the Balabac chevrotain or Philippine mouse-deer, it is a small and nocturnal ruminant which is endemic to the islands of Balabac, Bugsuk, and Ramos, among others, which are southwest of Palawan, Philippines.

What is the problem with pilandok?

Hunting has caused a large decline in the population of the pilandok. The meat is considered a delicacy; its skin is also known to be used to make leather. They are also being sold as part of the illegal wildlife trade.

Who is pilandok in Maranao?

In folk literature, Pilandok is a prankster. In Maranao and Magindanao folktaless, he is portrayed as the clever ordinary man of scanty material means but who plays tricks to get the better of others. Pilandok chooses to challenge creatures who are greedy and filthy rich.

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