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Polo Y Servicio

What is the meaning of Polo y Servicio?

What is Polo y Servicio? What is Polo y Servicio? Polo y servicio was a practice employed by Spanish colonizers for over 250 years that required the forced labor of all Filipino males from 16 to 60 years old for 40-day periods. In respect to this, what is bandala system?

What is the difference between Polo y Servicio and Ikaw?

Para sa marami, ang polo y servicio ay hindi makaturangan dahil ito ay forced labor. Para ikaw ay hindi magtrabaho, kailangan magbayad sa pamahalaan. Narito ang mga naging epekto sa bansa ng pagkakaroon ng polo y servicio Nagkaroon ng maraming bilang ng mga gusali at pampublikong lugar

Is polos y Servicios really that bad?

This is not going to be an academic essay but, as the title says, a reflection, triggered by a comment in a blog from a kababayan who said that polos y servicios was not that bad because the work was remunerated.

What is polo in the Philippines?

What Is Polo? All male Filipinos, aged 16 to 60 years old, were sent to different places to provide free labor, for 40 days a year. This was reduced to 15 days in 1884.

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