Sabong Philippines


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Sabong Philippines

Is Sabong legal in the Philippines?

Cockfighting or “Sabong” is a combination of both indulgences. About 90% of Filipino men ranging from 30-60 years old have witnessed both legal and illegal (Tupada) cockfights in the Philippines. Legal cockfights require a permit.

What is Sabong international?

Welcome to Sabong International! Where we bring you a sport that has long been part of the Filipino culture.

Why do people take part in Sabong?

Many participants take part in Sabong solely because it is a useful source of income. Because of the inherent inhumane treatment of animals associated with the sport, cockfighting has been outlawed in many countries including the United States, Australia, and much of Europe, and continues to be a controversial issue worldwide.

Is Sabong an indulgence or a means of livelihood?

I hope that outsiders realize that our sport is not an indulgence but a means of livelihood for so many Filipinos.” As a deeply rooted part of Filipino culture, Sabong shows no signs of slowing down as in other parts of the world, and continues to be a weekly event for millions of people in the Philippines.

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