Transmutation Table


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Transmutation Table

How does the transmutation table work?

The Transmutation Table functions as a battery for EMC energy, a charger for EMC storage items, as a library of blueprints and as a fabricator of items. Before it can create an item, the Transmutation Table must "learn" the item. This is performed by placing an item with an EMC value into the "flames" slot on the GUI.

What is the 2020 DepEd transmutation table?

2020 Official DepEd Transmutation Table and Templates By Mark Anthony Llego / Teaching & Education / 2 Comments All grades will be based on the weighted raw score of the learners’ summative assessments. The minimum grade needed to pass a specific learning area is 60, which is transmuted to 75 in the report card.

What is Transmutation tablet in Minecraft?

Transmutation Tablet is a part of the Equivalent Exchange mod. The Transmutation Tablet is one of, if not the most, important device from the Equivalent Exchange mod, as it allows you to make any object in vanilla Minecraft (As well as some items from Industrialcraft and Redpower) out of other items, much like a Condenser .

What are the requirements for transmutation?

A total quality of 150 or above needs to be added to initiate transmutation. (See #Fuel Type on quality.) A progress bar appears above the device and the player may use attacks that do Elemental Damage to charge it.

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