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What is a tubol™?

Tubol™ is a wide and comprehensive range of lubricants specifically designed for use in drawing non-ferrous tubes used for ACR, sanitary and engineering applications. The Tubol™ range uses the latest synthetic and semi-synthetic technology to meet the demanding specifications of users and customer requirements.

What is a tubol mug?

Get the Tubol mug. Basically means hard poop. It was mainly used as weapons for ancient tribes in the Philippines. To fight off Magellan's troops, Filipino tribes used Tubol as a projectile and as a result they drove away the Spaniards.

What is a tobul piston accumulator?

Tobul Piston Accumulators. Tobul piston type accumulators from 2" to 24" in diameter with fluid capacities from 4 cubic inches to 300 gallons and oeprating pressures up to 20,000 PSIG.

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