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What is the Vani-T professional kit?

The VANI-T Professional Kit is perfect for professional salons and comes complete with all the essentials and a professional VANI-T spray tan solution for all occasions.

Why choose a Vani-T tanning range?

VANI-T's tanning range is popular with A-list celebrities and everyday users alike and is used all around the world thanks to the deep bronze glow it delivers. A natural, even and long-lasting tan can be achieved with VANI-T's tanning range, which also offers a seamless tan to fade .

How to use Vani-T makeup booster?

As a makeup booster: Mix 1-2 drops with your favourite Vani-T foundation or concealer onto a damp sponge or makeup brush and blend. Pro tip: Apply face oil with the VANI-T beauty sponge when applying foundation for more even coverage and even better results. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

What is Vani t spray tan solution?

VANI-T Spray Tan Solution. Using natural ingredients to enhance and invigorate your skin, VANI-T spray tan formula is perfectly designed to give you or your clients a vibrant bronze glow. VANI-T Tan will boost your client's confidence and keep them coming back time after time.

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