Three categories of asbestos that you must know

Asbestos is divided into six parts based on quality, color, and features. Each category is known for different work, or we can say that each type of asbestos is using in some unique things. So if we think about getting asbestos checked in building or other things, then firstly we need to know about his types. Before that, we should take some nursery knowledge about asbestos and the service that checks it. It is a kind of harmful chemical that is used in building materials. In the future, this chemical causes many diseases such as cancer, lungs problem, and other human organs related. The asbestos survey London is type of survey department that works to check the amount of asbestos in your building. They have advanced technology-based equipment available, with the help of which they can easily find out how many percent of the asbestos amount is inside.

Types of natural asbestos-

As we have mentioned above, asbestos has many kinds, and each type is using for different work like Electrical Equipment, Roofing, and Many More. Today we are going to give you the complete in-depth guide about that asbestos so that you will be able to guess which kind of harmful chemical is available around you. With its help, you can easily protect yourself without any tension.

  • Brown asbestos-

It is the most popular category of asbestos, and it is also known by the name of Amosite because it looks likes brown. It is mostly used in cement sheet and pipe insulation because it is a durable material. You can find it on the insulating board and many other things that are required for building a house.

  • Chrysotile-

Its second name is White asbestos and is white in appearance. It’s mostly using in roofs, walls, and floors for homes and businesses. This means we can say that when building any building, it is utilized in most things. Like amosite, it is also used in insulation pipes and boiler seal. Big and big industries also use it in many manufacturing things like electrical instruments and many more. So we can say that this is the most used asbestos in our world.

  • Crocidolite-

As you all know, the steam engine was the most used engine in the old times, which was used in trains.  The crocidolite was mostly used to run those stream engines. Many builders also use it for painting at home, and many manufacturers work with it like pipe insulation. It is blue in appearance and can be converted to any color as per the requirement. There are different specialists to examine all these types of asbestos, but it is difficult for every human being to find those specialists. If you want to get rid of this difficulty, then you should book your appointment on asbestos survey London because there is a specialist available there who has a lot of experience in his friend. With its help, you can easily prevent problems occurring in the future.

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